Hi. My name is Jim Walker, (619) 479-6637. If you Google me, Jim Walker The Hack Repair Guy, you'll find pages of links where I help people whose websites have been hacked.

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video testimonial for hackrepair.com

Above is a video testimonial from one of our customers following the removal of malware and hacker code from his website.

The Hack Repair Guy Commercial

What better way to describe our hack repair service than a fun little video. Enjoy!

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About The Hack Repair Guy?

When I'm not out enjoying sunny San Diego, California, with my wife Joyce, fixing hacked websites is my passion. I've been helping folks build and fix hacked websites for over 10 years.

It's not uncommon for me to help people clear malware or website virus issues free of charge, though if your website is thoroughly hacked I may need to charge a reasonable fee to cover my time (hey, I have to pay for gas too...).

If your website has been compromised, is filled with hacker code or malware and you would like to speak to a genuine person who cares, instead of an anonymous email only service website, please call me anytime at (619) 479-6637. I'm here to help improve your life and business online.

Why work with the TheHackRepairGuy.com?

• My goal is to help educate you on prevention (repair is just part of the actual service).
• Flat rate. Whether I spend 2 hours or 200 hours—no surprise charges.
• Friendly and expert help by phone and follow-up until the matter is fully resolved.
• Money back guarantee.
• Wordpress blog security plugin installations included free.
• Full security and recommendations report provided.
• I never delete files. All hacker files will be renamed for review.
• I will start immediately in fixing your website—no waiting.

Web Hosting Tip:

Only one shared web host in the entire world provides free daily malware scanning and reporting if your website is hacked (often the moment you are hacked!). Don't lose your Google reputation. Get ahead of the Google Attack Page warnings by choosing the best web host available.

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"Jim, The Hack Repair Guy, responded to my initial request for help quickly, the same day, even though my request came in well after business hours."
Millie Fine @ MillieFine

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